About Me

Art-Model and Shibari performer specialized in fashion nude, fetish and erotic photography
Italy/California based available worldwide!

INFO and BOOKING: info@magenayama.net. send me a message here also on tumblr if you are sending me an email, please:)

some of my references:

Alberto Lisi, Padova  www.albertolisi.com
Alberto Rugolotto, http://rugol8.com
Ben Hopper, London www.therealbenhopper.com
Bryon Paul Mccartney, Zurich www.bryonpaulmccartney.com
Daniel Topic, Milano/Pariswww.danieltopic.com
Darren Ankenman, Los Angeles www.darrenankenman.com
Francesco Maria Colombo, Milano http://francescomariacolombophoto.com/
Frederic Fontenoy, Paris www.fredericfontenoy.com
Gaetano Mansi, Roma www.mansi.net
Giovanni Gastel, Milano http://www.giovannigastel.it/
Hamish Scott-Brown, Glasgow www.hamishscottbrown.com
Lady Tarin  Milano www.ladytarin.com
Marc Hervouet, Paris www.marchervouetstudio.com
Nicolas Le Forestier, Paris www.nicolasleforestier.net
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Pasquale Maria Salerno, Firenze www.impossiblephotos.com
Patrizia Fiandanese, Milano www.patriziafiandanese.com
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Quentin Caffier, Paris www.quentincaffier.com
Renée Jacobs, Los Angeles www.reneejacobs.com
Roy Stuart, Paris www.roystuart.net
Settimio Benedusi, Milano www.benedusi.it
Stefan Rappo, Paris www.stefan-rappo.com
Sandro Goldoni, Modena www.sandrogoldoni.com
Toni Thorimbert, Milano www.tonithorimbert.com